Kindle Countdown Sale – update

Ok, so I’m pretty pleased so far with how the sale is going. I’ve moved up in the Amazon charts which was my main motivation for giving the countdown a try – after all higher in the charts, more eyes on my book, more KDP reads yeah?

The facebook ad (I budgeted $3.50 over 2 days) gave me 1 more like on my page and 3 likes on the ad, but given Hallie’s facebook presence is pretty sad, that’s way better than my usual posts (go follow me if you like!!). I’m not sure how many of those translated into actual sales though – perhaps one click by the look of the stats. My best response is from my awesome friends and followers and their networks on Tumblr who have been kind enough to reblog and also give me a shout out if they enjoyed the book. Hopefully this will be good chance for readers to grab the book at a discounted price.

I also just remembered Pinterest. I’ve been using Pinterest personally for a few years now for random stuff, but not as a promotional tool, so this is a bit of an experiment there too.

I was able to get a free vpn to work so I could see how the sale looked in the US:


The UK sale hasn’t started yet and the VPN doesn’t seem to be working for me there, so hopefully it will go according to plan too. I’m hoping that sale, on the back of the one will keep bumping the book up the charts at least until Summer’s Evening goes live.

Countdown Deal

The Kindle Unlimited Countdown Deal has started* and Only One Month is now available for 99c from until the 26/8.

The price will go to 1.99 from the 26th and then 2.99 on the 28th, returning to its regular price of 3.49/whatever Amazon makes it on the 31st.

The countdown deal should also start on on the 25th with a starting price of 99p.

From what I’ve read the countdown works best if you can promote it, so I’ve been putting up info on social media and have finally paid to ‘boost’ a post on facebook – as good a time as any – we’ll see how that experiment goes too!!


*Or at least I hope it is – the price is still showing up on my Amazon as $3.55 but I’m selling copies at 99c according to my stats and Amazon says my promotion has been going for 5 hours – it could be because I’m in Australia… Edited: apparently it is because I’m in Australia, Kindle Countdown Deals are only available to and customers and if your country has it’s own Amazon service, as Australia does, you can’t get those deals, unless you use a vpn or something.

Ooh here we go – look at that, it worked!on sale


A month in…

One month in and  I’ve been very happy with how my first foray into self publishing has gone. I’m about to release a short story on Amazon and thought now would be a great time to try out Kindle’s Countdown Deals.

So, from August 24th for the US site and August 25th for Amazon UK, my book will be available at a discounted price for a short time only.

The idea of the countdown deal is that your book is heavily discounted and then slowly increases in price over the time period to it’s original list price.

So for a short time Only One Month will be reduced to 99c (US) and 99p (UK) and then slowly increment over 7 days back to it’s original list price. The benefits are that hopefully more readers will try the book out at the lower price, I should have it listed on Amazon’s discounted books page and it is a chance to offer the book at a low price in conjunction with the release of Summer’s Evening while still maintaining the 70% royalty amount.

Fingers crossed!



Wip progress

I spent a good chunk of today writing – I didn’t progress much further storywise than when I began but I did make the changes to the story that I’d plotted out and added a few more details and layers to what I’ve written so far. I find this kind of writing suits me better than Nanowrimo- if I have the luxury to go back and reread what I’ve done so far I can adjust and tighten and change. It’s not so much forward progress but 3 steps back and 1 step forward. When I was writing fic about this point I’d feel comfortable editing and posting the first chapter at this stage, I usually needed to be 2 chapters ahead. We’ll see how effective this method is this time around when it comes to editing – how many story changes I’ll need to make or if I’ve tightened it as I went. 

Now I need to think a bit more about what happens next and what I want to add in. In the meantime I have some place holders for scenes that still need to be written. 

Summer’s Evening

My short historical gay romance is now available for preorder on Amazon.summer_7_sm

George looked at Harry for a brief moment. Peter’s malevolent older brother was by no means handsome but there was something in the way he turned his gaze upon Harry that made a tingle run straight down his spine. Something that said George was more than capable of doing some very bad, delicious things.

When Harry is invited to spend the summer at his friend’s country house, he finds himself fascinated with his host’s aloof and disagreeable older brother, George. To George, Harry is merely his younger brother’s friend, certainly not someone he should be attracted to and certainly not someone he should pursue.

A Summer’s Evening is a romantic short story set at the turn of the twentieth century, approx 4000 words and containing adult themes.

Available now for preorder on Amazon. Released on the 30th August on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

How many words can I write today…

…when I had to take one kid to the dentist this morning and in ten minutes I’m taking the other to the doctor. Should be home by 12.30 as long as we don’t end up at the hospital again having tests. Which means 2 hours before I need to pick the other one up from school. Going to make it a writing challenge sprint, see if I can trick myself into focusing up and getting my words out.

Current WIPs-with-promise:

  1. Hot widowed bespoke carpenter/construction Dad meets sexy but aloof business man. Meaningless sex ensues that quickly becomes meaningful.
  2. Incubus (?) Goddessy type woman tries to fit into the mortal world, which goes swimmingly until she gets stuck in an elevator with her sexy boss – just as she’s going into heat.
  3. Regency romance. Ex-soldier returns from the front to claim his unexpected inheritance and to seek out the wife he married for convenience ten years earlier.
  4. PHD student’s deserted island she’s using for her research turns out to be not so deserted after all. Sexy bad boy rock star has a hideaway on the island next door, and he’s none too pleased to have company. Cue cyclone.

So I decided, logically to work on 1. to follow on from Only One Month, but I am really enjoying 2 – which I intend to publish under my Lady Bits Stories Pen Name: H. A. Deighton. My main issue is focus and discipline to just stay on track.

Which of the above catches your attention? Which would you love to see up next?

Making writing work

How do you prioritise your writing week? I’m trying to treat writing (and self publishing) like a permanent part time job, much like my other permanent part time job (who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to give that one up). But in doing so, I’m still sorting out how and when to fit it in around all my other real life responsibilities. I hate wasting precious writing time, but I am aware that in self publishing I’ve also got to do the marketing/social media stuff (who am I kidding, I love this too) and the publishing part – making covers, blurbs, formatting etc. I wonder if I need to dedicate a day to those tasks and excuse myself from writing for that day, or if I should try to do a little bit of each every day. I just know that if I start faffing with covers that’s my day gone!

Other jobs on my to do list: make a better website and set up my own domain (I was waiting to see if there was any actual income coming in before I spent any more).

And I’m also trying to decide if a month’s subscription to iStock – and then select the pictures for the next three books – is better value than continuing to buy on an ‘as needs’ basis.

I’ve got to say though, that self publishing has been brilliant, for the first time I believe that I could actually call myself a ‘writer’ not just say ‘I like to write’.


WiP update, day 4

(Starting from August now).

Well I did do some writing today, albeit heavily interrupted by some exciting real life news to attend to – we signed a contract on a house. Maybe I’ll finally have my own office and work space at last!

Today’s work was mainly fixing up yesterday’s dialogue between Alex and his son, and going over the original scene to integrate it into the new stuff. I’m always reminded of blending two images in photoshop when I do that – merging a new scene with an existing one, removing the bumps and hiccups and making them match all the way through.

It’s a lot of plotty business stuff which is slow going but I’m getting through it.

Excerpt from today:

He looked Daniel over in the cheap suit that made Alex long to see him in his jeans and t-shirt, comfortable and relaxed. Or even better, in nothing at all. It was a thought that did nothing for Alex’s concentration.


WIP update

Well, I managed to hit all those plot points, and I’ve got a bit over 10k in the doc – some of that will have to go when I merge the old version with the new, but I think I’ve done some good character building and hopefully added tension.

On top of that we’re putting in an offer on a house so I’ve had some business stuff to sort out today. Fingers crossed our offer’s accepted!

WIP Writing Day!

I wasn’t called into work today and I have no appointments, which means I have a super long writing day since the kids are at art class after school = a whole extra hour. So my plan for today is to WRITE. I figure if I put down the goals I want to hit then maybe it will help me achieve them.

  • write the scene where Alex (unexpectedly) meets Daniel’s kids and finds out Daniel has a lot more complicated life than he realised
  • write the party scene and/or (same scene) where Alex suggests a business venture (just to help Daniel out… for reasons  *cough* spend more time with him)
  • back track and have Alex notice not just that Daniel is defensive around him, but he also looks slightly harassed and worried – and note that he gets an inexplicable urge to help
  • introduce Alex’s so, and it’s Daniel’s turn to realise Alex has a lot more going on than he thought
  • work already written scene post business venture going tits up into new iteration

Wow, I think I just outlined the next three or four chapters. What is this?