Giving myself space

It’s been a while. Other priorities and a muse that was more interested in interior design and diy meant that I put writing on the back burner for almost twelve months since I published Only One Month. I wasn’t good at juggling writing with the rest of my life so I ended up avoiding writing. A more practical part of the reason was that my laptop screen was broken rendering it non-portable, and sitting at a desk in ONE SPOT was not conducive to my louche writing preferences of lounging on the couch. I was given a new laptop for my birthday and with my muse’s diy desires settling down a little, I started thinking about writing again. I started going to the library to write undistracted. I’d also had a prompt from my paid employment that, combined with completing my tax return for the last financial year, made me consider again the option of writing instead of returning to full time work. All of which has led to me starting a new experiment last week.

My current paid employment involves working 9 hours per week – I know how much money I make doing that, and I know how much I made from the marathon effort I put into Only One Month – so my experiment is to see how much progress I can make, how effective my writing can be, if I manage to clock 9 hours of writing per week. Putting a goal and a limit on my writing seems to have helped me find a happy medium. I don’t feel I need to spend every spare minute writing, yet if I’ve got my quota for the day, I don’t feel guilty ignoring writing for other pursuits (like shopping or gardening or diy). Balance at last!

My muse is loving it so far. I’ve started a new historical fiction, made significant progress on a supernatural romance and reopened a mm romance and plotted out the conclusion. I’ve also created a new pen name for my m/f writing: Kelle Cousins

Current WIPs:

Unnamed Australian Historial Romance

Plain, unlovely spinster, Caroline Ellis, left alone on her small selection in the Australian bush, needs a husband. When her romantic hopes are dashed by a local man she decides to advertise in Melbourne for a suitor. Ewan Penning is not what Caroline expected – precisely because he’s not Ewan Penning, but an imposter, Tom McDonald. When Tom arrives on Caroline’s property in the Australian bush, she gives him one month ‘to see if they’ll suit.’ To Caroline, Tom is immediately attractive, and Tom is drawn to the strong, fierce woman he’s come to woo. Will Tom win Caroline’s heart, or will his past – and Ewan Penning’s- catch up with him first?

Unnamed Supernatural Erotic Romance

Petra Jones had done so well hiding and taming her true nature. Five years later and now on the other side of the world, she hadn’t so much as glamoured a single Man since she’d chosen to live as a mortal woman. That is until she was trapped inside an elevator with her boss, Damien Morse at the most inappropriate time of the month: her heat.
Now no matter how hard she tries she can’t glamour Damien into forgetting… and then there’s that unfortunate CCTV footage…

With Damien asking awkward questions Petra doesn’t want to answer, what’s a leannan sìth to do?  If she doesn’t end this thing with Damien, she’ll slowly drain the life out of him. Petra has had enough of loving and losing and she doesn’t do pining.
It was exactly this sort of mess Petra had been trying to avoid when she left the realm beyond the sídhe in the first place, and certainly the last thing she wants to do is go home to Mother…

Unnamed Carpenter and Business Man MM Romance

Widowed single dad of three, Daniel Bryant is juggling fatherhood and managing his expanding development business. When he wows his latest client, handsome entrepreneur Adam Harmer, his business takes off, but Daniel hadn’t counted on making an altogether different good impression on Adam. Daniel returns his interest but Adam doesn’t mix business with pleasure and to add a complication, Daniel’s associates on his new multi-million dollar project have a long standing grudge against Adam.

Adam has his own parenting problems, trying to restore his relationship with his now adult son as well as run a successful multinational corporation. He doesn’t need the distraction of Daniel Bryant, or being dragged into his risky business enterprises, but there’s just something about Daniel that leaves him wanting more.

So far the MM Romance is the most developed and best of all, I had a breakthrough yesterday and plotted the outline for the conclusion.  I’m still making good progress on the others too. Giving myself the space to be creative has meant my writing doesn’t have to compete, either with itself (between story ideas) or with other demands in my life. Fingers crossed that this will continue!



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