Kindle Countdown Sale – update

Ok, so I’m pretty pleased so far with how the sale is going. I’ve moved up in the Amazon charts which was my main motivation for giving the countdown a try – after all higher in the charts, more eyes on my book, more KDP reads yeah?

The facebook ad (I budgeted $3.50 over 2 days) gave me 1 more like on my page and 3 likes on the ad, but given Hallie’s facebook presence is pretty sad, that’s way better than my usual posts (go follow me if you like!!). I’m not sure how many of those translated into actual sales though – perhaps one click by the look of the stats. My best response is from my awesome friends and followers and their networks on Tumblr who have been kind enough to reblog and also give me a shout out if they enjoyed the book. Hopefully this will be good chance for readers to grab the book at a discounted price.

I also just remembered Pinterest. I’ve been using Pinterest personally for a few years now for random stuff, but not as a promotional tool, so this is a bit of an experiment there too.

I was able to get a free vpn to work so I could see how the sale looked in the US:


The UK sale hasn’t started yet and the VPN doesn’t seem to be working for me there, so hopefully it will go according to plan too. I’m hoping that sale, on the back of the one will keep bumping the book up the charts at least until Summer’s Evening goes live.


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