Countdown Deal

The Kindle Unlimited Countdown Deal has started* and Only One Month is now available for 99c from until the 26/8.

The price will go to 1.99 from the 26th and then 2.99 on the 28th, returning to its regular price of 3.49/whatever Amazon makes it on the 31st.

The countdown deal should also start on on the 25th with a starting price of 99p.

From what I’ve read the countdown works best if you can promote it, so I’ve been putting up info on social media and have finally paid to ‘boost’ a post on facebook – as good a time as any – we’ll see how that experiment goes too!!


*Or at least I hope it is – the price is still showing up on my Amazon as $3.55 but I’m selling copies at 99c according to my stats and Amazon says my promotion has been going for 5 hours – it could be because I’m in Australia… Edited: apparently it is because I’m in Australia, Kindle Countdown Deals are only available to and customers and if your country has it’s own Amazon service, as Australia does, you can’t get those deals, unless you use a vpn or something.

Ooh here we go – look at that, it worked!on sale



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